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Berlin Brandenburg, GMBH building
Amhochwald 30, 14532 Kleinmachnow

Office hours
10:00 to 4:00
Monday to Friday


Journal Detail

Journal Name
ISSN (P) 1543-2335
ISSN (O) 2012-3299
Country Algerai
Frequency Bi-Annual
Journal Discipline
Area of specialization
Journal Language
Year of First Publication 2012
Web Site www.penseemed.epizy.com
Editor Benmammer boukhadra
Email boukhdra13@yahoo.fr
Phone No. 00312561057135
Cosmos Impact Factor 2018 : 4.234
Journal Description

The publication of a scientific journal is never a simple matter of entertainment, nor is it a personal impulse for one particular person or a group. It is a conscious and responsible collective cognitive commitment that we have made since the establishment of the Interdisciplinary research laboratory “Dialogue of Religions and Civilizations in the Mediterranean Basin”. We will continue to adhere to this promise to protect our scientific entity according to standards and ethics. We believe that the scientific ends that we seek to establish and to serve make us vigilant and responsible for everything that is published and what is presented to the reader, who shares with us the concerns of Mediterranean knowledge. We have ventured into this cognitive, cultural, social, cultural, ideological, political and linguistic space of the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean, and we are all determined that adventure is not easy and not simple but it is possible. The knowledge of the Mediterranean is beyond our capacity and beyond the energies of many of our ideals, but the search for them is legitimate and possible. Our slogans are originally derived from the nature of the Mediterranean thought, which was originally founded according to the culture and philosophy of diversity as well as the culture and principles of dialogue, respect, understanding, coexistence and peace. The knowledge process that the journal is betting on is to raise the Mediterranean cognitive questions unabated and uninterrupted away from the superficial demagogic discourse that may impede thought and distort its march. We will continue to consolidate and spread Mediterranean culture through a number of knowledge about history, culture, religion, anthropology, economics, sociology, psychology and civilization. The latter may open the doors to us to make a way into the Mediterranean thought and help us understand its cognitive, methodological and thematic mechanisms. The Mediterranean Thought Journal is a scientific journal, a quarterly issued by the Interdisciplinary laboratory of Dialogue of Religions and Civilizations in the Mediterranean Basin. It deals with subjects related to Mediterranean thought and the Mediterranean culture, morals and behaviours, and the Mediterranean man through his historical, civilizational, religious, social, political and economic trajectories through anthropological, sociological, psychological, and historical approaches