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Journal Name
ISSN (P) 2251-6069
ISSN (O) 2645-4157
Country Iran
Frequency Quarterly
Journal Discipline
Area of specialization
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Year of First Publication 2010
Web Site
Editor Akram Hadizadeh Moghadam
Phone No. +989143267095
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Journal Description

Public Administration Perspective (PAP) Journal is a scientific quarterly that publishes scientific and research articles of the Academic Society every three months by the Faculty of Management and Accounting of Shahid Beheshti University. This Journal has published its first issue in the spring of 2010. From the beginning of the Journal publication, the members of the editorial board have continuously made great efforts and offered valuable services to improve the quantitative and qualitative position of the Journal. Activities carried out in this field caused the Public Management Perspective Journal to achieve the honor of receiving a scientific-research rank from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology In July 2011.After 7 years of continuous and unremitting efforts for the development and expansion of new management knowledge, in 2017, by the order of the President of Shahid Beheshti University, Dr. Akram Hadizadeh Moghadam was appointed as the Editor-in-Chiefof the Public Administration Perspective Journal. Her presence as editor not only caused structural and formal changes in the publication, but also improved its status and credibility. The members of the editorial team have been a combination of the best and most elite scientific people in the field of management, in different periods of time, which is a proof of the credibility and status of the journal. Along with the commendable efforts of the previous and present members of the magazine, it should not be forgotten that Dr. Tayebe Amirkhani, as an internal manager, has always made great efforts and sacrifices for the comprehensive promotion of the Journal since the beginning of its publication. Public Administration Perspective Journal has been looking forward to publish the most authentic and recent scientific works of authors and researchers from Iran and other countries. The Journal is trying to contribute to the management science in Iran, without any biases by means of its expert judges and editorial board members. It is hoped that this quarterly can take an important step in moving the wheels of management science in Iran so that managers, readers and thinkers of the Islamic Republic of Iran can benefit from the scientific and theoretical achievements presented it.