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ISSN (P) 2709-4723
ISSN (O) 2709-4723
Country China
Frequency Quarterly
Journal Discipline
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Year of First Publication 2022
Web Site
Editor Jun-Fa Mao, PhD, FIEEE, CAS Academician
Phone No. +86 021-6029362
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Chip is an international journal that publishes innovative researches in the emerging field of integrated chips that feature the revolutionary information technology. The journal focuses on the rapid development and potential application of new-generation information technologies. These include but are not limited to the following fields: Quantum information: quantum algorithm, quantum machine learning, analog quantum computing, quantum circuits, quantum annealing New types of Non-von Neumann computing and post-Moore devices: photonic computing, neuromorphic computing, other promising classical (not quantum) computing technologies Internet of things and edge computing: advanced sensors, wireless signal transmission, low-power computing, energy harvesting, biomedical systems Big Data and artificial intelligence: innovative hardware and architecture for data mining, information retrieval, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics Interdisciplinary area related to chip issues: new chip materials, new device manufacturing techniques, algorithm and architecture of chips Chip will bridge the boundaries between theory and technology, and form the aggregation effect of chip research. It aims to become a competitive top journal with strong international recognition and will serve as a platform for graduate students, professionals, and the engineering industry to jointly boost the cutting-edge information sciences and technologies.