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Journal Name
ISSN (P) 1678-2089
ISSN (O) 2178-9258
Country Brazil
Frequency Annual
Journal Discipline
Area of specialization
Journal Language
Year of First Publication 2003
Web Site
Editor Diego Machado
Phone No. +55(85)3366-782
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Journal Description

Contextus - Contemporary Journal of Economics and Management is a journal linked to the Faculty of Economics, Administration, Actuaries and Accounting at the Federal University of Ceará (FEAAC / UFC). Since its launch in 2003, the journal has aimed to promote the debate on relevant topics in the areas of Administration, Accounting and Economics. Contextus - Contemporary Journal of Economics and Management, has as it's mission the interaction with different audiences and institutions in the areas of knowledge of Economics, Administration, Accounting Sciences and related areas, both nationally and internationally, to advertise, disseminate and foster scientific production in those respective fields.